Flood being one of the most notorious natural calamity affecting people over the globe which severely affects the livelihood of both humans as well as animals. Flood referred as excessive water in a region caused by heavy rain, collapse of dam, shifting of the river channel and even seismic activities could also trigger the floods. India witnesses flood like situation in every year, Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and North Eastern States are the most affected areas by the floods. The local geology plays a crucial role as we observe in present flood in the North eastern state of Assam, which is surrounded by a high mountainous region, and Assam being a low lying catchment, excessive flow of water observed in the river Brahmaputra and it’s tributaries during the monsoon. Whereas in Bihar we observe the flood like situation caused by shifting of the river Kosi, also Bihar being a low land than the surrounding Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Seeing the severity and adverse effects of flood some serious steps are required to adress the problem, the excess water could be contained by creating artificial cemented levees along the river to confine it’s flow, creation of check dam and river linking also being an effective technique to handle the floods. River channels are mainly filled by the silt carried out by the river, so an artificial dredging should be carried out in the flood prone rivers prior to the monsoon. A specific body dedicated for the flood hazard assessment should be created at a National level which should act as a think tank to counter floods, application of modern technology such as GIS to create a flood hazard map at a national level which should use real time satellite information fromย  ISRO as done by Assam government in 2011.ย 


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