Yes it’s you, when I saw you for the first time i fell for you, 

lovely smile on a rosy lips pushed my heart on the edge of cliff,

 Your hug, touch and wink made my heart beat shrink, 

The shyness of your eyes made my heart go butterflies 🦋, 

A gentle touch of nose brought our heart so close,

My lips on your lips made my heart go 3000 flips, 

Listening to your heartbeat is a sweetest music treat 💕. 


The term climate change we often see in the news by our politicians, social worker and scientists to represent a modern day crisis of average global temperature rise with respect to pre-industrial era, reports of IPCC projects the average temperature may rise by 2° C by the year 2100 and rise in the average sea level of 3 cm. Apart from sea level and temperature rise we observe several other effects as well such as extreme weather events, frequent flood, droughts, cyclone 🌪, crop failure, forest fire 🌲🌲🔥 and many more. One must think the possible reason behind the climate change, and unfortunately the reason are us, The humans, most intelligent species of the planet 🌍, excessive use of fossil fuel, and rapid industrialization produces green house gas (gases which traps the heat within the atmosphere e.g. CO2, CH4, SF6 etc). Seeing the climate change as a possible threat, Internationally several summit took place such as Earth summit at Rio, Brazil 1992 which laid the road map to counter the climate change with an initiative like Sustainable Development, 1997 kyoto protocol and recent Paris summit 2015. Now the question is are these initiative enough to address the global challenge, main draw back for these international agendas are no legal backing to enforce the decision taken in the summit. Now it’s upto each and every individual to understand the severity of the problem and address the problem in more scientific and logical way, reduce the dependency on the fossil fuel and look for more renewable and clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Planting trees 🌲🌳🌴 which acts as a carbon sink, one of the quote I have seen few day back has a wonderful message that says “Humans are the only creature on the planet which cuts the tree make paper from it and write on that paper SAVE TREE”. Instead of holding a placard and blame game we need people to people Participation work for the betterment of the planet and environment, Earth 🌎 is our home 🏠 but we aren’t the Only one who resides here. In the end I would say if we claim to be smartest on the earth time to prove it, “work together, live together”. 


The Day when I left my 🏠 home I had some hope in my eyes I was determined to work hard, I wasn’t expecting a palace for my family, just looking for a shelter to hide in an odd conditions. Never wished for chhappan bhog (delicious food), only 2 time meal for my children is sufficient, these small little wishes perhaps too much from this well cultured and educated society. I cried, I got hopeless but never been so broken 💔, educated people call it pandemic, I have no clues what exactly that means the only thing I know I have been suffering from the disease since I was born and that is poverty.

Migrant labour…….. 


Flood being one of the most notorious natural calamity affecting people over the globe which severely affects the livelihood of both humans as well as animals. Flood referred as excessive water in a region caused by heavy rain, collapse of dam, shifting of the river channel and even seismic activities could also trigger the floods. India witnesses flood like situation in every year, Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and North Eastern States are the most affected areas by the floods. The local geology plays a crucial role as we observe in present flood in the North eastern state of Assam, which is surrounded by a high mountainous region, and Assam being a low lying catchment, excessive flow of water observed in the river Brahmaputra and it’s tributaries during the monsoon. Whereas in Bihar we observe the flood like situation caused by shifting of the river Kosi, also Bihar being a low land than the surrounding Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Seeing the severity and adverse effects of flood some serious steps are required to adress the problem, the excess water could be contained by creating artificial cemented levees along the river to confine it’s flow, creation of check dam and river linking also being an effective technique to handle the floods. River channels are mainly filled by the silt carried out by the river, so an artificial dredging should be carried out in the flood prone rivers prior to the monsoon. A specific body dedicated for the flood hazard assessment should be created at a National level which should act as a think tank to counter floods, application of modern technology such as GIS to create a flood hazard map at a national level which should use real time satellite information from  ISRO as done by Assam government in 2011. 


War doesn’t make you a warrior, it’s your attitude which pushes you to make impossible possible 🙏

We are busy in talking with others, take some time and talk to yourself, ask yourself how you doing today trust me you will feel much better. 

You can lie to anyone but please stop lying to yourself because deep inside you, you know the truth. 


On a sunny day lil Timmy was roaming around enjoying the nature, while passing through the village road nearby the pond he saw a lil girl lying in the mud she was crying. Lil Timmy just rushed at her quickly grabbed her hand and picked her out from the mud he wiped her tears and tried to cheer up her. The lil girl told her name suzi and said while playing with her best friend she had fight with him and that kid just pushed lil suzi in the mud and ran away. Suzi a lil cute innocent looking girl, Suzi and Timmy became friends they started spending time  together. They were enjoying each other’s company they ate food 🍴🍕🍔together, played together sang together and even dancing 💃. It was really a good time they both were having together. Lil Timmy was bit childish he used to tease Suzi with his silly jokes and all. You know the good time passes too quickly. One day Timmy cracked a silly joke again that hurt the sentiments of Suzi. Suzi began to cry Timmy didn’t know how to fix things now he was sorry 😔 and he started crying as well. Suzi and Timmy both were sad now Suzi tried again and gave Timmy a chance they were together again but something was missing it’s like if something is broken you may fix this (by using Feviquick) but the mark or stain never goes off same happened here. After somedays they both were playing near the same pond where Timmy first time saw Suzi. They were playing but it turned into a fight this time Suzi was done it must be very painful for her as well but she decided. She just pushed Lil Timmy in the mud and ran away, lil Timmy was crying he begged her but she never looked back and rushed as fast as she can. Lil Timmy kept crying when all his tears 💧dried up he started looking inward few moments later he realised something and started smiling. He just crawled by himself and got himself out of the mud. That lil childish Timmy was nt the same anymore he is grown up now he knows to wipe his own tears he just thanked God and wished Good for Suzi. Timmy still misses the old days but he is Happy Timmy misses Suzi but he is Happy. May be Timmy was in love with that lil Suzi that’s what makes him happy because when you love someone you just wish to see them Happy. Suzi is back with his old best friend who earlier pushed her in the mud and might be happy too that’s enough for the lil Timmy. We often get heart broken in this life some just keep on crying and blaming their partner and keep on ruining their lives. And some are like Timmy who just moved away Happily  may be Timmy will never forget Suzi and yes Suzi will never forget Timmy as well 💜❤.


Education a modern way to enhance the occupational skill and to create an appropriate balance between livelihood, society, environment and personal life. In the past people used to learn the hunting skills to sustain their livelihood along with time the ability of the humans to read and write opening the new dimension in the education system, which enabled to share and learn new skill in more effective and efficient way. Old scriptures and gurukul system laid the foundation of modern day education system. National education policy 2020 a much awaited reform in the present day Indian education system based on the expert committee reports of Dr. Kasturirangan and Late TSR Subramanyam which gave a special emphasis on primary learning in the vernacular language and dilution of rigid definition of science, art, commerce which will enable students a greater flexibility in their stream and occupational selection. The need of present digital and competitive world skilled human resources rather than information based knowledge, this has been very well adjusted with the adoption of vocational training by local carpenter, gardener and introduction of coding in the budding age. Relaxing the norms of compulsory examination upto the grade three and focus on more personal and imagination skill a much appreciated futuristic step, apart from the reforms monetary support also have been enhanced in from 3% of GDP to 6% GDP. Education an essential tool for modern day world, India facing several challenges in different aspects such as health, unemployment and infrastructure. Education reform could be a leap forward to reduce adverse impact of the prevailing social issues. Reforms are necessary steps but implementing them to the grass route level is a challenging task, for that states need to take some proactive measures and decentralise some power to the local government bodies such PRI and Municipality for the better implementation and state should act as watchdog and guiding authority for the successful implementation of the NEP 2020


One day while passing by a road i saw a poor  man leaning against a wall, his poor old eyes kept on looking here and there probably searching for someone who could help him or just give him some food. I went near him gave him one doughnut 🍩 which I bought from the nearby stall he looked at me with a grateful smile I just nodded my head and started moving on he just grabbed my hand and started thanking, he got food after two days he said. He added further I knew that God will send someone to help me i knew it!! There were some tears in his eyes he quickly wiped them off and tried to smile again I just kept looking at him without saying a single word. I don’t know whether the God exists or not but atleast we should never break those faiths who believe in God. 


This summer after a long when I came back to my home town in this lockdown period. I saw her from my balcony while she (my childhood crush 😍) was collecting clothes from the roof. She  noticed me as well we smiled at each other, for a few seconds I was lost in the old memories how I used to land my kites on her roof deliberately and used to rush at her house and saying her mom that my kite just got stucked on the railing. Out of nowhere a cute little girl walks out  and yelling in her toddler voice “Mummy Nani bula rahi hai !!!”, and I was like kya!! Iski to shadi ho chuki hai aur iski ek bacchi bhi hai 😂. She looked back at me just smiled and went down stairs. 

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