Education a modern way to enhance the occupational skill and to create an appropriate balance between livelihood, society, environment and personal life. In the past people used to learn the hunting skills to sustain their livelihood along with time the ability of the humans to read and write opening the new dimension in the education system, which enabled to share and learn new skill in more effective and efficient way. Old scriptures and gurukul system laid the foundation of modern day education system. National education policy 2020 a much awaited reform in the present day Indian education system based on the expert committee reports of Dr. Kasturirangan and Late TSR Subramanyam which gave a special emphasis on primary learning in the vernacular language and dilution of rigid definition of science, art, commerce which will enable students a greater flexibility in their stream and occupational selection. The need of present digital and competitive world skilled human resources rather than information based knowledge, this has been very well adjusted with the adoption of vocational training by local carpenter, gardener and introduction of coding in the budding age. Relaxing the norms of compulsory examination upto the grade three and focus on more personal and imagination skill a much appreciated futuristic step, apart from the reforms monetary support also have been enhanced in from 3% of GDP to 6% GDP. Education an essential tool for modern day world, India facing several challenges in different aspects such as health, unemployment and infrastructure. Education reform could be a leap forward to reduce adverse impact of the prevailing social issues. Reforms are necessary steps but implementing them to the grass route level is a challenging task, for that states need to take some proactive measures and decentralise some power to the local government bodies such PRI and Municipality for the better implementation and state should act as watchdog and guiding authority for the successful implementation of the NEP 2020


One day while passing by a road I saw a poor  man leaning against a wall, his poor old eyes kept on looking here and there, probably searching for someone who could help him or just give him some food. I went near him gave him one doughnut 🍩 which I bought from the nearby stall, he looked at me with a grateful smile, I just nodded my head and started moving on, he just grabbed my hand and started thanking, he got food after two days he said. He added further I knew that God will send someone to help me I knew it!! There were some tears in his eyes he quickly wiped them off and tried to smile again, I just kept looking at him without saying a single word. I don’t know whether the God exists or not but atleast we should never break those faiths who believe in God. 


This summer after a long when I came back to my home town in this lockdown period. I saw her from my balcony while she (my childhood crush 😍) was collecting clothes from the roof. She  noticed me as well we smiled at each other, for a few seconds I was lost in the old memories how I used to land my kites on her roof deliberately and used to rush at her house and saying her mom that my kite just got stucked on the railing. Out of nowhere a cute little girl walks out  and yelling in her toddler voice “Mummy Nani bula rahi hai !!!”, and I was like kya!! Iski to shadi ho chuki hai aur, ek bacchi bhi hai 😂. She looked back at me just smiled and went down stairs.