The knot

While walking on this extraordinary journey of life we meet numerous people, with time some become so much part of our life that they are Inseparable and meeting someone special is always been a moment of joy and blessing. I have no idea how you guys met but I’m glad you people met ArpitaShantanu, 2020 is been the year of pain and misery but by the end we are witnessing some moment of happiness, mild breez 🌬 of smile. 11th December 2020 an auspicious day for us I wish 🙏 a very happy married 💍life to both of you, God bless you ❤💕💖 my heartiest congratulations 💐💐to you Shantanu and Arpita.

Finally they are one 😀

The journey begins together👫 with love ❤ joy and happiness the smile on your face stays always 🙂