Someday may be we will meet again, alas! the love ❤ and excitement wouldn’t be the same.

I remember when I received your first call 📞, I was anxious, shy 🙈 and my heart ❤kept jumping like a ball 🏀.

It was love ❤we weren’t playing a game 🎮, the excuses which you made were so silly 🙄 and so lame 👎.

I still remember when I received your last call 📞, I had tears 😢, I was in pain, now I truly wish 🙏 we should never meet again!


Pursuing my PhD from IIT kanpur, trying to explore other dimensions of writing apart from scientific literature 🙂 📚

29 thoughts on “💔Broken_wish

      1. This summer after a long when I came back to my home town in this lockdown period. I saw her from my balcony while she (my childhood crush 😍) was collecting clothes from the roof. She  noticed me as well we smiled at each other, for a few seconds I was lost in the old memories how I used to land my kites on her roof deliberately and used to rush at her house and saying her mom that my kite just got stucked on the railing. Out of nowhere a cute little girl walks out  and yelling in her toddler voice “Mummy Nani bula rahi hai !!!”, and I was like kya!! Iski to shadi ho chuki hai aur, ek bacchi bhi hai 😂. She looked back at me just smiled and went down stairs. 

        I like this kind of love 🥰

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      2. Yes that’s the beauty of true love, you appreciate even their absence, it’s like when you like a rose 🌹 you pluck it and keep it yourself, but when you love the rose 🌹 you keep on watering that, and enjoy watching that flourish 🥰🙂

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